Hi! I'm Antonio Jesús, web developer, Athletic Club de Bilbao supporter and someone who's always happy learning new things :)

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I've been working with these tools since I joined the web development:

I really like testing and I'm trying to make TDD and BDD a way of coding(A long way still)

Right now I'm playing with AngularJS to improve my fronted skills

This is my current company. In my day-to-day work I've been involved in a variety of projects. From legacy code or Wordpress until a variety of Symfony projects like community.

If you want to help us growing, drop a line here or in trivago

I worked there for a year and we built a tool to allow garage owner to have a web: mygarageweb and two finders, for garages and offers We used Symfony2, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and JQuery

The idea was to rewrite neventum using Symfony2. I learned a bit of continuous integration with Jenkins and I did some test using PHPUnit and Behat

Intership of a month before moving to Barcelona. I created a Joomla component for Facebook in plataformazero


I did my degree in the University of Sevilla where I studied Technical Engineering in Computer Systems which I finished in 2012